Solar Heating Installers

Solar Heating Installers

Solar Heating Installers
Solar Energy Company’s Growth Goes Through the Roof at Start of 2011, Incentives Provide Strong Demand for Renewable …
OAKLAND, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solar energy company’s growth goes through the roof. Incentives provide strong demand for renewable energy source. Solar panel installer Amberjack Solar Energy announces nearly ten new hires.

Solar Panel Installation – Now Heat Water Via Clean Source of Energy

Sun is the major source from which earth derives energy. It is renewable too. The global shortage of organic fuel, increased level of pollution and green house gas emission as well as rise in price of organic fuel has necessitated the demand for exploitation of the vast resource of solar energy. Be it supplying electricity to your home or satisfying your water heating needs, solar panel installation can serve both the purposes. When solar panel is installed for electricity generation purpose, it is called as solar photovoltaic modules and solar panels used for water heating purpose are known as solar thermal collectors.

Flat and boxed type solar thermal collectors are generally installed for domestic and small industry water heating purposes. The earliest model of flat solar thermal collectors was invented in the year 1950. In case of solar thermal collectors, a flat panel is used to absorb energy from sun and transmit the energy to the water tank of your house through the process of convection. The panel is a water-proof and insulated box and comprises of a black metal heat absorbing sheet.

Solar panel installation not only helps you to access a clean source of energy but also cut down your energy bills significantly. However, the maximum amount you can save depends upon a number of factors. The most important is the availability of solar light in your area. Higher is number of hours the solar panel can work to its fullest, brighter is the chance of better savings.

Your current expenditure on energy is also a determining factor to feel the level of cost reduction after solar panel installation. If you a captious energy consumer and spend at minimum level, solar panel installation may not help a lot in cost reduction. Solar panels can cover their cost within five years of installation. Hence, if you are planning to stay for longer period at your current home, solar panel installation is definitely productive and cost-saving.

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