Solar Heating Grants

Solar Heating Grants

Solar Heating Grants
Solar panel course now SMCC program requirement
SOUTH PORTLAND — Learning how to install solar panels will soon be a required course in the electrical engineering technologies program at Southern Maine Community College.
Where can I find financial help for my “green” home?

I’m looking for grants/ subsidies (whatever those are) or low interest loans. Northern California. Off-grid house. Full solar. Adding wind later. 3500 sq ft. 20 acres. Will start small ag business (goats and goat soaps). SIP frame, ICF foundation, reflective wrap, radiant heat/ cool. Trying to show convenient living for modern houses while using latest energy conservation techniques.

I know there’s funding out there but I don’t know where to look. Construction just completed and current bank’s a jerk and ruined our credit and refinance options through excessive late penalties (late on construction deadline, not payments). Ran up credit cards to finish construction and no loan left to pay them off.

Want to demonstrate off-grid living that doesn’t involve tiny houses, wood stoves, LED lights, so it can be more mainstream. Don’t believe new owners could – still working out kinks in system.

Anyone know any public or private funders for this type of project?

Solartwin 2 of 2 Solar Panel Standard EN12975 inapplicable

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