Solar Heating Contractors

Solar Heating Contractors

Solar Heating Contractors
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Where can I find out how much it would cost to install solar panels for electricity?

My house is approximately 2,500 sq ft and we use about 1800-2500 kWh/month. I live in a very sunny area and I am thinking about installing solar panels for water heating and electricity. I am just researching estimates, I am not ready to contact a dealer or contractor yet, but I really have no idea where to start. Any informative sites or answers would be greatly appreciated.

The link below is to an estimation program. You have all the information you need for it to estimate for you. It is quite accurate. The estimation program works for both solar electric and solar hot water.

This is probably one of the very best sites for finding a qualified solar installer as well.

The second link is a great site for learning more about all types of alternative energy technologies.

I installed solar on my house 4 years ago and it is great. It saves me about $1200 per year on my electricity. You have about twice the total draw of my house (and I thought mine was an energy hog ;-). One thing you may want to look at hard is whether you can save some energy by replacing wasteful appliances before you install solar. If you can it will very easily pay to do so. If your house is electrically heated if you can switch to gas that will save you a bunch of money and greatly reduce your electrical usage.

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