Solar Heating And Cooling

Solar Heating and Cooling

Solar Heating And Cooling
New roofs to keep Delhi cool this summer
The scorching Delhi summer may still be months away, but the government is already bracing itself by encouraging people to go for ‘cool roofs’ that reflect heat, thus keeping a building cool, an official said Wednesday.
How can I use a windmill to help supplement my electric bill?

I looked into solar panels, but apparently it isn’t worth the money to buy one. Someone suggested a windmill. I have a large three bedroom home and the heating and cooling bill is killing me. Would a windmill work?

If you can get past the hurdle of having sufficient wind and any local codes or ordinances then it is certainly possible for you to have a wind generator. You can store the electricity in batteries and use a inverter to make AC power for your use.

Unfortunately it probably won’t provide the kind of relief you are hoping for. If you want to look further you could try some websites similar to this one:

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