Solar Heaters For Homes

Solar Heaters For Homes

Solar Heaters For Homes
Bare-Bones Approach Lets a City Embrace Winter
MEXICO CITY — Homero Aridjis, one of Mexico’s most revered poets, lives in a large home in the hills of this ancient city, with expensive paintings, imported rugs — and an array of items to help him keep warm, including door-stoppers shaped like snakes, thick wool sweaters, even microwaveable pillows.
electric solar panels?

how much would solar electric panels increase a homes value
We are in a $125,000 house, the panels and water heater panels are costing us about $26,000 with the rebates. Thanks for an estimate

You should talk to a real estate agent to get a real quote. It depends on a lot of factors.

I doubt that the value is now 125+26 = 151k


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