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Solar Heater   Solar Furnace
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A doctor’s passion for sustainability inspired him to build what may be the most energy-efficient home in the Midwest.
Is solar thermal heating using a water to air heat exchanger really efficient?

I’m considering doing a Solar Water Heater and getting a large storage tank to let me partially heat the house by doing a heat exchanger from the tank for our furnace. Is it worth trying?

By installing a heat exchanger in your A coil you would pull heat from the solar first.In order to do this you need to size the solar properly.You’ll need more than just a 4×10 over an 80 gal. tank.More than likely you would at least need say 2-4x8s maybe even 2-4x10s over a 120. This all depends on where you live too. Below is a good site for figuring size and cost.

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