Solar Floor Heating

Solar Floor Heating

Solar Floor Heating
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I have two furnaces in my house, what should they be set at relatively?

The furnace for the finished basement and main floor is a 93% two stage that has a solar assist unit connected to it. The furnace for the 2nd level of the house is a 85% two stage unit. Should I turn down the furnace to the upstairs when not up there, or leave it set to the same temp as the main floor? The reason I ask, is I suspect if the upstairs becomes cooler, it will draw the warm air upstairs and the furnace for the main two floors will have to indirectly heat the upstairs.

This would depend on the outside temperature. If it is winter time, which is what I am going to go with, I would adjust the upstairs about 5 degrees lower than down stairs. The down stairs heater will lose heat to the upstairs, that amount will depend on the amount of insulation in the ceiling and the type of windows that you have. I am going to assume you have double pane windows and go with my original 5 degree, opinion. Heaters are designed to work for a certain square foot area, someone put in 2 heaters to utilize the zone heat theory and save some money. On slightly cool days, just use the lower heater.

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