Solar Air Heater

Solar Air Heater

Solar Air Heater
Housing Authority plans March launch for solar array
The Consolidated Housing Authority of Sutter County has set its sights on solar. The authority hopes to begin installing a 154-kilowatt array in January, now that the Yuba City Planning Commission has approved a use permit for its installation. When…
what do i need to build a Solar energy system to run three tv’s a microwave?

three 12btu air condition a washing machine a dryer a music center with a Surround sound system a computer a large fridge an electric stove a water heater,lighting and a water pump ,etc.

A lot lot of money for solar arrays and batteries. I’d guess at US$100k at least. You will need a whole room to store the batteries.

Get the ratings on each item, and add them up. Discount where an appliance is not used continuously. For example, a microwave oven may be rated at 2000 watts but is used only 10 minutes a day, which is about 0.6%, so average usage is 14 watts.

Or look at your electric bills for the last few months (include a hot summer month) to get kW-hrs.

Then there are a lot of decision points. Do you want to sell power to the power company when you have excess and buy it from them when the sun is not shining? that saves you having to buy a bank of a hundred or so expensive batteries.

How many hours do the batteries have to supply power when there is a long period with no sun? (it could be days). Remember that one $400 battery can supply only about 1000 watt-hrs (1 kW-hr) of energy. That is enough to run all of your appliances for a minute or two. (a stove can use 10kW, that is 1kW-hr every 6 minutes).


220 degree solar air heater for $100

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