Small Electric Heaters

small electric heaters

small electric heaters
Some older hotels resort to portable heaters to keep customers warm
A biting wind held beachgoers at bay on Lido Key today as people bundled up, bracing for another night of plummeting temperatures.
in the winter i am going to put a small heater in my green house electric?

i am hoping to put a small Electric Heater in my green house 10×8 how many hours do i run it for do i need to run it all night .

It depends what kind of plants you have in the greenhouse. If all they need is to stay above freezing point you can set the thermostat on a fan heater to the frostat setting and it will only cut in when necessary and not break the bank unless its a very cold winter – you don’t say where you live! If you need a warmer house it might be advisable to curtain off part of the greenhouse where the more tender plants are and just heat that part. With a thermostat you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off, just decide on the minimum temperature you can accept and set it for that. The night time is when it will be needed most. How many hours it runs for depends completely on how warm or cold the weather is. On a sunny day even in winter it probably won’t come on at all . A fan heater is better than the other kind as it keeps the air moving and helps to avoid moulds etc getting a grip.

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