Save On Electric Bill

save on electric bill

save on electric bill
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How can I best heat an 800 sq ft room with space heater(s) and save on electric bill?

My living area consists of one room which is the living room, dining room and kitchen. I’d like to cut way down on my electric bill but cannot find any space heaters that will heat a room that size. If I use 2 or 3 space heaters, I may be defeating the purpose. In addition, I need a heater for my 10 x 15 bedroom too. Looking for suggestions.
I live in San Diego average winter temp 49 degrees. furnace uses propane which has gone up in price and is supposed to triple

I’m not sure how your propane cost compares to what you would pay for electricity, but generally speaking electric heat is the MOST expensive kind of home heating.

When you heat with propane or natural gas, assuming a mid-efficiency furnace, about 80% of the heat from the propane or natural gas becomes heat inside your house. When you generate electricity from coal or natural gas, only about 35% of the heat turns into electricity, some of that is lost in transmission, so only 30-32% of the original heat enters your home as electricity, where it is (fortunately) converted to heat at 100% efficiency.

The only way to keep electric bills down while heating with electricity is to reduce heat escape through the living area envelope (walls, ceiling, floor, windows doors) before you switch to electric heat. You can do this by adding more insulation (attic insulation, for example, should be R60 but most people don’t even have R30); adding better windows or caulking around the window frames; or by lowering the temperature in your living area. The smaller the difference in temperature between inside and outside, the less heat loss you’ll experience so the less you’ll pay. For this reason I would recommend using baseboard heaters, because you can configure them to run on a programmable thermostat, which doesn’t waste energy heating the room to a comfort level when you’re typically out (at work, for example) or asleep (when cooler temperatures are healthier for you anyway).

Have you considered getting a natural gas line installed? That might be an option too. But the best option is to insulate as much as possible.

What Electric Heater you buy won’t make that much of a difference – they are all 100% efficient. The only difference you’ll find is how effective different types of electric heaters are at getting the heat where you want it. Convection heaters with a fan are best at getting heat rapidly distributed through a room – so good if you want to only heat a room for a few hours at a time when you’re in it. Switch it on when you enter, switch it off when you leave. Radiant heaters are good for warming the object they are pointed at – they don’t warm the air in between, so good for keeping you warm as you sit on your couch in a drafty room.

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