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My room air conditioner is blowing evaporated water into the room. Why?

We have an air conditioner we bought very recenty. It’s a small window unit. We have been running it several hours a day, but not all the time. Right now the temperature outside is in the mid-80s, and the humidity outside is 35 percent.

The air conditioner is blowing large amounts of water INTO the room. It comes out as evaporated water. I cleaned out the water I could see, but then when I turned it back on, large amounts of wet air came into the room again.

It seems to be installed properly — I am going to try to tilt it a bit more outside. Is there any other reason why this would be blowing wet air into the room? Should I call for service? We’re going to have a heat wave this week so this is very important.

Yes, there is water under the condenser. What do I do about it? Thanks so much!

If the drain is not clogged then check the evaporator coil and filter. If the filter or coil is dirty then the blower motor sucks really hard picking up water and throwing it everywhere or not letting it drain. Also the drain could be incorrect. If the drain is under negative pressure (motor pulls or sucks in the same space as drain) then you need a trap. Hope this helps!!!

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