Residential Hvac Systems

residential hvac systems

residential hvac systems
R&J Public Relations Named Agency of Record for Somfy Systems, Inc.
Somfy Systems, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing of specialized motors and electronic controls for residential and commercial interior and exterior window covering markets, has selected R&J Public Relations, LLC of Bridgewater, N.J., as its public relations agency of record. Â R&J will conduct strategic public relations for the Somfy brand, most immediately surrounding its new home …
Is it possible to get HVAC certification without experience or schooling?

I’ll be looking to get a job a building maintenance and it will eventually require HVAC certification. I will not be doing HVAC work continually but from time to time will need to work on the systems(residential and commercial tenant units). Will it be possible to study for the test and then take it? What levels of certification are there and what is most likely required for apt. building maint? Is classes required? What is the test like and what can I expect? Is there something online or avail. at the library that would help me get certified?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

there are class on line available for HVAC certification and you can use the studie guides to help.
the books are available at the library or use the link below. the test books are some of the older questions that have been asked on test. you would still need to study online or by a class to get the answers and competedence for working.

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