Residential Hot Water Heaters

residential hot water heaters

residential hot water heaters
Brides Scramble in Wake of TAMA Building Fire
Once a bright spot in Burlington with a bold future, the historic TAMA building now sits torched after Monday’s fire. Part of the building, some say, is salvagable but only if the community comes to the rescue.
how to meter hot water “base board” energy usage?

residential. 2 family home. one boiler. one gas meter. Both families heated by water “base board” heaters. how meter usage to split the gas bill?
the reason for metering is we suspect the 2nd floor tenant is using excessive heat. So, dividing the bill in half is not an option.

Previous years usage can be obtained from your gas supplier. Total = Divide by 12 months. Now Divide by two. Add a little for cost of natural gas going up.

Residential Solar Thermal Generator and Water Heater