Residential Heating Systems

residential heating systems

residential heating systems
Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning Announces Its Updated Website
Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning is pleased to announce its newly updated website found at The website has now been updated to make the customer experience even more user-friendly.
how to set fan and limit control for heating-air conditioning systems for residential systems?

I’m assuming you mean a standard dial type fan limit control. With the power in the off position, and holding the dial stationary, move the lower dial indicator to about 100 degrees and the higher number to about 150 degrees. The higher number is the temperature the fan will turn on and the lower number is the temp it turns off. Of course these settings can be changed for personal comfort, but these are a good start point. The other indicator should be permanently set at about 200 degrees and this is the temp the limit turns the furnace off due to over heating.

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