Residential Heat Pump

residential heat pump

residential heat pump
AEP helps customers lower bills
AEP Ohio is launching two new programs designed to make residential customers’ homes more comfortable while helping them to lower their energy bills.
What is the best residential central cooling and heat pump… best bang for the buck? I also need to “zone”.?

We need a central heat an cooling unit for a two story, 2000 sf house in Central Florida. We also need to “zone” it. What is the best bang for the buck, rebates (government, manufacturer etc…), efficiency and cooling. Thanx all.

Fun question to answer; If I had a lot of money, I’d go Trane equipment, with variable speed motors, two stage compressors, state of the art Trane thermostats, outdoor temperature sensors and usb jacks to moniter and control the systems while at the office or anywhere else by cell phone. Of course, you’re talking two systems, one upstairs and one downstairs, plus I’d get all the ductwork redone. Then to celebrate, I’d by a Ferarri, a red one.

Geothermal Energy at a Residential Location