Residential Gas Boilers

residential gas boilers

residential gas boilers
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What is the proper psi for a residential 2001 Slant Fin gas boiler?

The previous owners never left a manual or anything and I can’t find this info on the website or anywhere. I’d rather not call out a tech if I don’t have to.

Several people have answered 12-15 psi. this is partly correct but there is a thing called expansion that takes place when water is heated.So 12-15 psi is correct when the boiler is cold but as it heats that pressure is going to go up.There is an expansion tank to absorb this expanding water but the pressure will still rise some.Someone else stated that there is a relief valve that opens at 30 psi. and this is correct.Therefore the pressure on the boiler will depend on the temperature, but when it is at it’s highest temperature the pressure should not go over 25 psi.This will give a little cushion before the relief valve opens.

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