Residential Electric Furnace

residential electric furnace

residential electric furnace
KESC announces 16 hours of power cuts for industry
KARACHI: Karachiites are set to face longer hours of power cuts as the Sui Southern Gas Company on Sunday drastically cut gas supply to the Karachi Electric Supply Company for power generation, prompting the KESC to announce up to 16 hours of loadshedding in industrial areas, which had earlier been exempted from loadshedding.
what would cause 2800 sqft residential home electrical usage to go from 2.1 kw/hr(24 hrs) to 3.5 hr (24hrs)?

our house is rather normal 2800 sqft
no hot water heater (heated by oil furnace)
usage is between 2200 and 2700 kw in winter months
the jump in usage occurred after our service was moved from pole to underground and a new cable was wired to our panel
our neighbors with houses twice our size have usage half of ours. we had a problem with our cooktop (electric) – one of the burners wouldn’t go off without great effort. because of that we shut off circuit breaker and by doing that our power consumption went down by 30% over a 24 hour period. the cooktop is fixed but shutting off circuitbreaker still lowers usage. could improper phasing cause high usage?
also we have a treadmill that will suddenly speed up.
we have a toaster oven that suddenly cooks faster than usual.
any ideas?

Something is screwy bigtime! Call up the power company and tell them there is a big short in their 3-phase stuff nearby, or something just as scary, causing dangerous over-voltage intermittently. And insist on a REFUND of inappropriate reading charges, which is what will get someone off their duff to look into the matter, which your safety might or might not! Don’t wait another day, as otherwise your home insurance could get a real workout at any moment. Regards, Larry.

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