Radiant Home Heating

radiant home heating

radiant home heating
Dominion gives $2 million to affordable housing
More than $2 million in grants announced by Dominion Virginia Power today will create an energy-efficient Habitat for Humanity house and bolster the company’s EnergyShare assistance program.
What is the most inexpensive way to heat your home?

Currently I have GAS heating (Forced AIr) and it is very expensive. I do have a woodburning fireplace but only use it in the evenings when I am home. If the wood would last in there all day it would be fine.

I would like to eliminate the need for GAS heating this winter. I am considering electric space heaters, radiant space heaters, etc. I wonder if the costs of that could be less than with natural gas.

I would leave the temperate in the home at about 70 *F

I live in North East Ohio and the winter temps get to be in the 20’s F, sometimes less.

If anyone has any suggestions, please!

The first (and most cost-effective) way is to do a top-to-bottom evaluation of your home insulation.

Air drafts:
Look for drafts along widows, doors, outlets.
Use smoke (either with a cigarette or a blown-out match) along those areas to see if wind is blowing in.
Every little crack and crevasse that you fill with insulation or caulk, every window that can be double-paned, every crack around electrical outlets that can be filled in, every door that can be skirted will help keep the heat in.

Make sure you have the highest rated “R” factor of insulation in your attic. Also make sure you have proper venting in your roof.

If you have a crawl space, place covers over the vents.

Do a temperature check in each room and determine which is cooler, which is hotter.
Then consider which rooms you can close off the heat vents and shut the doors during the night.

Now – I do not know what the gas versus electric ratio is in your city, but here in Oklahoma, it is less expensive to heat with gas.
However, I have used some of these oil-filled electric radiators and I must say that they are very efficient and work very well.

Lastly, check with your utility company – they might offer free evaluations to help you improve your energy efficiency.

Too bad we’ can’t have some of that cold air right now!
We’re burning up here in hell…um, Oklahoma!

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