Radiant Heat Panels

radiant heat panels

radiant heat panels
Wilcox proposes ski huts at Ashcroft
A nordic skier glides through an aspen grove at Ashcroft Ski Touring center in upper Castle Creek Valley. The owner is proposing to add 10 small, eco ski huts to round out the facilities.
Does it make sense to put solar panels on my house?

I live in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) I am going to build a home, and I am thinking of going green, I probably won’t do some of the “green things” like using all recycled materials, or even bamboo flooring, but more so, Radiant floor heating, all Energy Star appliances (even getting an LED TV), Tankless water heater, french drain water collection (for water the lawn) LED lights, spray foam insulation etc. Does it make sense to get solar panels? I know that building rather thatn buying saves me 25%, but going full on green costs about 40% more.

My ultimate goal it to have a home that is comfortable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, not a lot of energy loss, and especially low utility costs. I know solar cells are expensive, and I going to build a 3000-4000 sq ft house… what do you think?

Michael, since you’re designing the house, you should take advantage of passive solar building techniques – south facing windows, earth sheltering, a lot of interior thermal mass, etc. Check into using insulated concrete forms for the walls. Next, consider where dollars are most effectively spent for active energy recovery. Rather than gathering sunlight and converting it to electricity, convert it to heat and store it in a hot water tank – which provides both household heat and domestic hot water. How to air condition a house with hydronic heat? Look further into earth sheltered construction, and plan landscaping to provide some shade. You may find your AC needs are minimal or non existent. Do this correctly, and you’ll save tons of $$ in utility bills while the rest of the nation is up in arms about rising energy prices. You should be able to name that tune for about 20 – 25% above normal construction costs. Good luck!

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