Radiant Heat Installation

radiant heat installation

radiant heat installation
Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Anyone know how much Zmesh radiant heat kits cost?

I’m looking to redo the floor in my living room and came across Zmesh in an internet search for radiant heat options. It would be ideal for my application (solid wood subfloor and engineered wood floor installation). I’m having trouble finding pricing, but did request a quote. So… while I’m waiting for the quote to come back I though I would ask the Y!A community if there was anyone out there that has tried Zmesh and can give me an idea of the cost/sqft. Thanks!

I am not sure about ZMESH but i know well about SunTouch Radiant floor heating,
Here is a link to the radiant floor heating include pricing ( their is 10% off discount going on now) SunTouch known as the best floor heating in the market with zero EMP and simple installation process. http://www.flooringsupplyshop.com/suntouch-radiant-floor-heating-115/

also here is a calculator that can show you the cost of heating after you input the hours you plain to use it every day and the sq ft you installing, you also need to enter your cost of electricity (KWH) for your area http://www.flooringsupplyshop.com/index.php?main_page=calculator

Good luck to you on your new project

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