Radiant Heat Boiler

radiant heat boiler

radiant heat boiler
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What is the most efficient heating source for Radiant floor heating?

I am replacing a twenty year old steam boiler and steam radiators to a radiant floor system. I am so confused by the number of choices to heat the water for this system. I could use a traditional boiler, a tankless hot water heater, or even a wall hung combination boiler and tankless hot water system. What is the most efficient system that will offer the lowest heating costs? I can use either oil or propane. Natural gas is not available in my area. My house is a 1100 sqft cape. Thanks for the help!

I installed my own radiant heating system. For the heating system I used a Munchkin Boiler, propane fired. I have been extremely pleased with its performance. It is very high-tech in its control system which produces very high efficiencies. I agree fuel oil has higher BTU content than propane, but gas generally requires less maintainance and is very clean.
The unit is very compact. When I purchased it on line it was delivered by UPS. With the addition of a domestic water
tank, you can also heat domestic water at those high efficiencies. Schematic drawings for installation of the system are included.
The boiler is ideal for radiant systems that operate on relatively low water temperatures. It is a modulated boiler and only fires based on the demand of the system and the outside temperature. No mixing valves required. The domestic hot water system is independent of the house heating system when it allows higher temperatures for maximum recovery time.

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