Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating

radiant floor heating
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It’s going to be cold overnight and in the early morning hours throughout Central Florida A blast of cold air blowing down from Canada will send temperatures below freezing across many parts of Central Florida Tuesday.
Which is a better heating system for a new home – Forced Air, Hot Water Baseboard, or In-floor Radiant?

Seem to me that Forced-Air is the worst for allergies. Hot water Baseboard is good but more expensive to install. And Radiant is the most expensive to install, and if there’s a problem with it, you have to break open the foundation to fix it. Also we want to put real solid hardwood floors, and those are not compatible with In-Floor Radiant Heating.

I am leaning toward either Forced-air or Hot Water Baseboard.

Which is better?

Properly installed, you should not have any kind of a problem with the Radiant Heating, and if you do , it should be under warranty.

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