Radiant Floor Heating. How do I get more heat?

radiant heating

Here’s a diagram…

I get 160 degree water in the injection loop (1/2" cooper tubing loop on diagram). Maybe the 1/2" pipe is too small. Would 3/4" work, or defeat the purpose?

I can’t seem to get no more than 80-85 degree water, supplying the zones. Any suggestions?
It has been 4 days and still, no heat. It should take 3 days (even shorter since I have backup forced air heat)

Insulation is not the problem. I am getting 160 degree water through the variable-speed injector pump. Just not enough of it.

I talked to a few pros and they haven’t given me an answer yet. I have tried the recommended outdoor settings (via PC705 computer) for various conditions, such as mine.

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