Radiant Floor Heating Cost

Radiant floor heating cost

radiant floor heating cost
Bathrooms: ‘If you can swing a hammer, we can probably guide you along’
By knowing what you want, budgeting carefully, and working with the right suppliers and contractors, you can have a lovely loo for $10,000 to $15,000 — even less if you’re really frugal or willing to do some of the work yourself.
Radiant heat floors – good or bad?

Do you have radiant heated floors?
Do you like them?
What brand?
Are they worth the cost?
What problems do you have with them?
Do they take long to heat up?
Do you have the thermostat that can be set to turn on and off at specific times?
Do you have one you have to turn on when you want to use it?
Please tell me about your experiences. I am getting ready to renovate a master suite and am trying to decide if heated floors are a smart decision under the tile floor in the bathroom and under the hardwood floor in the bedroom. The suite sits on a concrete slab.
Your advice is appreciated! Thanks!

I assume you are thinking about electric heated mats that would be under the tile for the bathroom.
This is a great lower cost installation over the hot water circulating through tubing within the floor.
That method would require you to add gypcrete or concrete on top of the existing slab if tubing is not already in place in the existing concrete, possibly insulation also. The tubing would be within the concrete so the floor level would be higher.
You would also need a heat source for that type which raises the cost of that type floor heating.
The hardwood floored area might present some problems depending on the specifics because whether it is electric heating pads or hot water circulating under the floor wood itself is not great for heat transfer material and you also have to be care full not to damage the flooring
There are a lot of things to consider like what type of heating/cooling system there is now and what effects it will present.
You should talk to a local heating contractor in the area for better idea since they would be in a position to factor in all concerns.

radiant heat flooring cost