Radiant Baseboard Heat

radiant baseboard heat

radiant baseboard heat
Cold Feet in the Kitchen
For years now, I’ve had a set routine in the morning. I come down to the kitchen, turn on the lights, flip on the TV, feed the dog and get a cup of coffee. Then I turn the oven on to “bake,” open the door of our gas oven, and sit down to read the paper.
Can hydronic fluid be used in a Radiant floor heating system?

Instead of using water, in a closed system can a hydronic heat transfer fluid such as is used in hydronic baseboard heaters be used. Would there be a benefit over water as advertised in those baseboard systems?

USA The most common fluid used in radiant floor systems is water. Water has a terrific heat transfer rate. The anti freeze type solutions are used only to prevent freezing, they do not increase heat transfer.

Check with the manufacturers of the products using the fluid – the boiler mfr and the radiant tubing mfr. They will tell you what fluid provides the greatest heat transfer.

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