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propane home delivery

propane home delivery

Furnace runs but doesn’t heat. Just had propane filled?

Last night I came home and my house was freezing. I am on an auto-delivery program. My propane tank was empty so I called and they came and filled it. My furnace pilot is on, so is the blower, but it is not warming up the house. Any ideas what is wrong here? Checked the filter, it isn’t clogged, a little dust, but that is it.
Started at the top of your list. It was shut off at the tank…I figured he would have turned it back on after he filled. Lesson learned. Everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you!!!

Is the gas turned on at the tank? Do you have an actual pilot flame? Or is it a spark ignition or glowcoil? The blower you hear running, is it the induction fan blower in the vent system of your furnace? Or is it the main blower motor for blowing heat through your duct work to warm your house. Is your thermostat set for heat and the fan set on auto? If you have a glow coil or spark ignite then turn the power off to the furnace, wait a few minutes then turn it back on. If you have an actual standing pilot burning and no main ignition then make sure gas valve is turned to the on position. Then if nothing happens remove the thermostat wires from the gas valve and use a small jumper wire and jump the 2 terminals on the valve and see if it lites up then. If it does then you have a bad thermostat or bad wires to the thermostat. Make sure you remove this jumper wire especially if the furnace lights cause the furnace will run forever until the High temperature limit shuts down the furnace thus giving you yet another problem. Make sure the blower door is on your furnace or closed. There is a safety switch for that door.

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