Propane Heating Systems

propane heating systems

propane heating systems
Sunnyside up: McDowell County government begins solar project
McDowell County’s government could be the first one in North Carolina to use the power of the sun to heat water and save money on energy. For some time, county officials have looked at ways to cut energy
I need some help with picking what kind of PVC piping would be good for use with a direct propane potato gun.?

Im making a potato gun with a direct propane injection system. I know how to build it, the only question I have is what kind of PVC would be the best to use with it to withstand heat.

Dude. I don’t know. I would guess something with the diameter of the potato + .5″. I always used the formula d=p+.5. Then you should use a care exaust pipe or a stove pipe. When your done you’ve got to email me how to make a direct propane one. I never did!

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