Propane Gas Heating Stoves

propane gas heating stoves

propane gas heating stoves
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Can Someone Help Me With Some Chem Questions? (Calculating Heat Transferred)?

Im taking an online course, almost done, just having some trouble with a few questions on the last unit.

3. The combustion of methane in a natural gas stove provides the heat to raise the temperature of 1.1L of water from 12 degrees Celsius to 98. Calculate the heat transferred

4. What mass of water can be heated from 5 degrees Celsius to 78 by a small, backpacking propane stove that produces 295 kJ of heat.

I would really appretiate and answer that explains the process well so I can do other like them


The equation you need is
Heat absorbed by water (J) = mass of water (g) x change in temp (oC or K) x 4.2 (J/Cal)

The 4.2J/Cal is the specific heat capacity of water (heat energy to raise temp. of 1g of water by 1oC)

So for 3.) 1.1 l of water has mass 1100g, temp. change is 86 oC
heat energy absorbed by water = 1100g x 86 C x 4.2 = 397320J (397.32kJ)

4.) 295,000 J = mass x 73 x 4.2

mass = 295,000 / (73 x 4.2) = 962.2 g (0.9622kg)

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