Propane Gas Heat

propane gas heat

propane gas heat
Fire department warns of home heating hazards
GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Charcoal and gas barbecues should be left outside, not inside to warm homes on freezing cold nights. The Glendale Fire Department says each year firefighters respond to medical emergencies involving carbon monoxide poisoning due to some families getting creative in an effort to stay warm during the winter months. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels go unburned. A common …
Why is my furnace just blowing cold air?..I heat with propane as I live in a rural area. I had my gas tank ?

filled a few weeks ago and just turned on my furnace today. It is set on heat and only cool air is blowing out. Filters are clean and I have daycare kids coming shortly. What can I try to get my furnace to blow hot air?

If it is a standing pilot model furnace, make sure the pilot is lit, and the thermostat is set to “heat” not “cool” and you have the temperature set higher than the current room temperature.

If it’s a newer electronic ignition type, try moving the thermostat all the way to its coldest setting and then back up to full heat. This will make the furnace go through it’s ignition cycle. You should hear a fan come on then you may hear a snapping sound several times. That is just the ignitor trying to light the fuel. If it it has a hot surface ignitor you won’t hear the snapping. If the fan shuts off again after 20 seconds or so, then the furnace is not lighting. Don’t confuse the fan that pushes air out of your vents with the venter motor on the furnace itself.The circulation fan may run all the time, but there is a fan on the furnace that pushes the spent combustion gases out of your house if it is a newer furnace. You can try this 2 or 3 times, but if it doesn’t light don’t keep doing it. There is several things that can cause the furnace to not light, but none of them are something you should be playing with yourself. Call a technician if these things don’t get you going… Good Luck with it!

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