Portable Solar Heater

portable solar heater

portable solar heater
Road Test: Seeing Green in New Way With Nissan Leaf
The Nissan Leaf is not just an excellent all electric car. It’s a flat-out excellent car that happens to be electric.
If you were stuck on the moon…?

You are a member of a shuttle crew en route to rendezvous with a base on the moon, when the shuttle experiences technical failures and if forced to crash land on the surface approximately 200 miles away. During the crash a significant portion of the gear was damaged or destroyed, leaving 15 items. The crash site and moon base are both on the light side of the moon, and you must reach the base since rescue will not occur in time. Of the 15 items, identify which are most important and why, ordering them from 1 (most important) to 15. Note that you do not have to be perfect in ranking the items – there is a margin for error.

Item List:
Box of matches
Food concentrate
50′ of nylon rope
Parachute silk
Portable heater
Two .45 caliber pistols
One case of dehydrated milk
Two 100lb tanks of oxygen
Stellar map
Self-inflating life raft
Magnetic compass
Five gallons of water
Signal Flares
First Aid Kit, Including Injection Needle
Solar powered FM receiver-transmitter

10) Box of matches
14) Food concentrate
9) 50′ of nylon rope
8) Parachute silk
7) Portable heater
15) Two .45 caliber pistols
4) One case of dehydrated milk
1) Two 100lb tanks of oxygen
2) Stellar map
12) Self-inflating life raft
13) Magnetic compass
3) Five gallons of water
11)Signal Flares
6) First Aid Kit, Including Injection Needle
5) Solar powered FM receiver-transmitter

Homemade Solar Heater