Portable Room Heaters

portable room heaters

portable room heaters
Shelters open as record cold is forecast
With unusually cold temperatures expected Monday night, the Red Cross and local officials will be opening the season’s first cold weather shelters Monday night at three locations.
Is a portable electrical heater in my room sufficient for heating during winter in Melbourne, Australia?

I am told Melbourne is not as cold as London? I am looking at a house with no heating…..but hope to have a portable heater for myself? Would one portable heater be sufficient ..I dont wanna fall ill ? 🙂 What abt over summer ? Would you need an air conditioner?

Hi well for a start a room heater will be necessary for winter u can pick up different types from Bulk discounters eg..good guys, harvey norman,clive peters,myers ,retra vision etc etc
There are different price ranges and types so depending on how large an area u are looking to heat…

Regarding summer a portable air conditoner is needed if u feel the heat coz we get hot days/nights again ur choice enjoy Melbourne it’s the best place in the world lol ♥

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