Portable Propane Heaters

portable propane heaters

portable propane heaters
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What type, and, or, kind or brand of electric portable heater is most efficient and least expensive to run?

I believe if I purchase and use supplemental electric space heaters, the costs to run these would be way less than what I am paying to heat my house with propane right now. It takes 5 gallons of propane to heat my 1500 square foot house per day. At $3 per gallon, that is $450 per month. I heated with the electric oil-filled heaters for one month and it was only a total of $150 for my electric for that month. So, even if it costs twice that, I would still be ahead by using electric to heat my house. Right?
But what kind of electric heaters should I purchase? Radiant? Infrared? Convection? What brand, etc.? I am planning to use the money I have saved for propane, to purchase heaters, instead. (Seems to make more sense to me to do it this way).

The electric company will not suggest a type to use. They just tell you it’s a “matter of preference.” Like, duh………..

Below is an article that might help and also explain why the electric company says its a matter of preference.
I know this isn’t much help but I hope it helps a bit.
Good luck

Portable Propane Heater Buying Guide