Portable Heat Pump

portable heat pump

portable heat pump
Boiler fails at DHS
Baby, it was cold INSIDE!Students and staff in the Hofacket building of Deming High School were dressed in layers of clothing last Friday, after three days of bone-chilling temperatures in the building.
What is the most efficient and affordable way to heat a home?

I have a 2300 square foot home in Knightdale, NC. It comes with a Heat Pump Heating system and a propane fireplace. Should I use the heat pump or the propane fireplace or should I use a portable kerosene space heater. What is cheaper?

Use the heat pump. The fireplace is not very efficient. Portable kerosene is also expensive. For more info, check out the heat pump page at www.hvac-for-beginners.com

Portable AC hacked 2 Cheap Central AC / Heat Pump recycles waste air heating/cooling basement room