Portable Ac Units

portable ac units

portable ac units
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Where do I find a window AC unit without side vents?

Greetings all – I live on the first floor of a city apartment with bars on the lower portion of my windows. Unfortunately, the bars are only about 6 3/4″ from the interior window frame. The window AC units that I’ve seen all have a depth of at least 12″.

Does anyone know of a unit that will fit this situation? I’m trying to find one w/o side vents so I’m not defeating the purpose by mixing hot and cold air in the room. The window sill edge on the inside is about 16″ from the bars so I can at least support most units from below. Also, I can’t have the unit up against the bars since I’m sure the rattling will keep me awake.

I do have a portable AC unit for the living room that does the job. But, they’re less efficient and more expensive than the window units. I could move it every night, but am seeking out an option that permits laziness! I’m only trying to cool a 150 sq ft room.

Thanks in advance for reading this!

They make them. I think they’re called shell A/Cs. They’re not portable, and are built to fit in an encasement, but should still get some ventilation or the condensor will burn up.

They are quite expensive too, at least 5 times what you pay for a portable.

You won’t find them in Sears or Wal-Mart. In my area, they’re only available through one of those “I have the hard to find,” mom & pop appliance stores.

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