Passive Solar Air Heater Heating System Alternative Energy

Passive Solar Air Heater Heating System Alternative Energy

Bidtimes PLC – Proposed acquisition of PowerHouse Energy, Inc.
Bidtimes PLC – Proposed acquisition of PowerHouse Energy, Inc.

Advancements in Solar Space Heating and Solar Hot Water Heating

The sun is an immense source of energy, providing thousands of times more energy than the world consumes, every hour of every day, in the form of light and heat.  Solar energy has long been one of the most cited forms of alternative energy, though these systems have suffered from high costs and low efficiency.  That said, new advents in the realms of solar space heating and solar hot water heating have rekindled interest on the part of many homeowners in this type of energy.

Home solar space heating is a unique option for heating your home during cold months.  If you are interested in this type of system, you will have to choose between passive solar heating systems and active solar heating systems.  For instance, a passive system could be built as a frame on the outside of your home.  The entire affair would be covered with glass and black screening.  Vents cut into the bottom portion of the room’s exterior wall allow cold air to enter the heater, and vents at the top allow warm air to circulate back into the room.  This type of setup requires no fans or motors.

An example of an active solar space heating solution would be a solar radiant floor, which can be easily installed over laminate or vinyl (or over existing subfloors, as well).  Solar water heating is accomplished in a similar way, using the light and heat generated by the sun to warm water, which is then distributed as you need.  While these systems are generally not capable of heating water to the same degree as a traditional water heater, their function is simply to warm the water, thus reducing the amount of energy required to heat the water even higher.

As interest in solar space heating and solar hot water heating has increased, numerous companies have realized the potential of the market and have begun designing residential systems around the principle.  This has resulted in the greater availability of prefabricated systems (in the past, most of these systems were manufactured by the homeowner, with a bit of ingenuity).

However, before rushing out and purchasing any solar heating system, it’s highly advised that you do a bit of research into the company’s offering.  What do other customers have to say about its efficiency, or about its cost versus ability?  This information will help ensure that you make the right choice.

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