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outdoor gas heating

outdoor gas heating
Holiday Season Energy Saving Tips
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Physics Problems?

Even if you can only answer 1 of my questions, your help will be greatly appreciated.

1. During a certain thermodynamic process, a sample of gas expands and cools, reducing its internal energy by 3000 joules, while no heat is added or taken away. How much work is done during this process?

2. What is the ideal efficiency of an automobile engine in which fuel is heated to 2700 K and the outdoor air is at 270 K?

3. Calculate the Carnot efficiency of an OTEC power plant that operated on the temperature difference between deep 4 degree C water and 25 degree C surface water.

Please explain your answers // Show your work.

(1.) U = Q + W

if Q = 0, then U = W
so W = 3000J (It’s by the gas because it is reduced)

(2.) e = 1 – Tc / Th

So e = 1 – (270 / 2700)

e = 90%

Not Completely sure on number 2

(3.) Again e = 1 – Tc / Th

Just convert to kelvin

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