Oil Vs Gas Heating

oil vs gas heating

oil vs gas heating
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kerosene vs electric heat?

this is sort of a follow up from my last question. my gas bill is getting to expensive, and i dont even have the thermostat set high to heat my drafty house. so i’m looking for a heater to heat one of my rooms, or whatever room im in currently. I want to save some cash on my gas bill. i dont mind spending a little more on electric if it will keep the house a little warmer. so its either the oil filled radiator heater or a kerosene heater. which will do the BETTER AND CHEAPER job? I don’t know the current price of kerosene, but can you use variations of jet fuel in a kerosene heater. will it work, and if it does will it work well? basically which would be cheaper to run in junction with a mobile home gas furnace w/ blower to keep the gas bill down? Also please answer my kerosene – jet fuel question.

Kerosene heaters do warm up a house like nothing else, but the downfall is that they are dangerous and put you at a higher risk of having a fire. But then again an electric space heater has the same fire risk and a kerosene heater will work WAY BETTER than an electric. My dad used one when we were kids. I’ve heard stories about them burning up the oxygen in a house, but I don’t remember having trouble breathing around one.

I wouldn’t put anything in a Kerosene heater that wasn’t meant to go in there. They’re dangerous enough without putting jet fuel in them.

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