Oil Hot Water Heater

oil hot water heater

oil hot water heater
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how to fix hot water heater?

I recently ran out of oil which caused my oil-fired hot water heater to stop heating. Now that I have oil, I cannot get the hot water heater to restart. The restart button starts it but it seems only to stay started for about 15 seconds. Is there anything I can do short of calling a repairman?

there is a little black pump located on usually on the lft side of the burner motor. look for a hex shaped bleed port. most require a 3/8 wrench to open, crack open,might need to attach a small piece of tubing to outlet to keep from fuel spray. press reset button , and continue to do so till you get fuel through it. looks foamy til steady stream of fuel. most resets, you have to wait a minute or two between resets.

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