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oil heating systems

oil heating systems
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STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At a ceremony at the Fagerdala Group’s headquarters in Gustavsberg Harbour, Sweden, on Friday 3 December at 4 pm, the classification company Germanischer Lloyd handed over its approval to Fagerdala Marine Systems AB for its double hull system. The system was devised in the 1980s by Sven Jönsson from Dalarö, who also took part in the ceremony. Fagerdala Marine Systems …
Should I replace my electric (resistive) heating system with an oil furnace? Current heating bill is way high.?

Our house currently has two heating/AC systems. Both heating systems are electric and operate by a resistive (heat coil) process (not sure what that’s called, but they’re not heat pumps). We live in Dallas, and our electricity bills are still much higher in the winter than in the summer. How much will it cost up front? Is it worth it?

Hi there,

The maintenance of oil furnace is way too high and an additional job. The other option would be to switch to alternate energy that can add to the main supply of the electricity and wouldn’t cost you anything. You can use magnetic power generator and generate around 7K of energy to power up your heating system and other appliances. This will significantly reduce electric bills while you continue to use the same heating system.

Experts show that you can build such a generator at your home or hire someone to do it for you. The total cost of manufacturing, they pointed out, is considerably low.

The magni power generator claims it fits perfectly in the household or garage and unlike solar panels works on all weather conditions.

Good luck!

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