Oil Heat Vs Gas Heat

oil heat vs gas heat

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What’s the difference between Brick, Frame, vs Vinyl Construction?

I am looking at different house listings and wanted to know what the pros vs cons were for brick, frame and vinyl construction. This is the first time I’ve heard of vinyl construction as well.

Also, what is the difference between the different types of heat? Hot Water vs Oil vs Gas?

Thank you!

most houses have wooden or metal studded walls. the exterior can be finished with brick, wood, vinyl, etc. in the southern states (mostly) a lot of houses are built out of concrete blocks, with no wooden framing. this is due to termites and tropical storms. as far as pros and cons that would depend on your preference.i will give you cons, wood requires maintenance, painting, staining, replacement of weathered or rotten wood. brick is more durable and has less maintenance but will require pointing up of the mortar joints after a while. vinyl siding and pvc trim boards will expand and contract with the weather. sometimes looking wavy or exposing gaps between panels. the color also fades over time. the concrete the block is made of in block houses will in time will start to deteriorate and crumble, requiring block replacement or pointing up. i prefer a wooden framed house with a vinyl sided exterior. heating systems, hot water in my opinion is the most efficient type of heat. hot air heating can easily be paired with central air conditioning. energy type is a matter of preference and availability, solar, wind power, oil, gas, thermal energy, all today are viable energy sources. hope i helped good luck

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