Oil Heat Exchanger

oil heat exchanger

oil heat exchanger
Alfa Laval Continues to Expand Its Product Portfolio – Acquires Leading Heat Exchanger Company
Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – has acquired the Italian company Olmi S.p.A., a leading company specialized in the designing and manufacturing of shell & tube heat exchangers and air coolers for niche applications in the petrochemical, power and oil & gas industries.
IAQ125a Volvo Penta overheats when going fast. New tstat, impeller & heat exchg.?

I have a aq125a volvo penta. It runs fine at a slow speed. When I go fast, it overheats anti-freeze. So I put in a new thermostat, a new impeller, and clean out the heat exchanger which really wasn’t dirty in the first place. Last year when I changed the oil thru the dip stick, the hose fell into the oil pan. I guess. Didn’t have any problems last year, but this year I overheat when I go fast. Could the problem be the hose that fell down the dip stick? I was told no.

Did you clean both the salt and fresh sides of the heat exchanger?
I assume you replaced the “salt” impeller, have you checked it is pumping well? I’m using “salt” because I don’t know where you are running the boat.
What about the engine circulating pump, is it looking OK?
Is coolant being blown out of the reservoir? If so, you could have a blown head gasket, or a crack somewhere.
The lost tube is not going to cause overheating, but if you ever have the engine out, I’d be removing it then.

Vertical Babington (Test Heat exchanger )