Oil Furnace Prices

oil furnace prices

oil furnace prices
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How much does it cost to run an energy efficient oil furnace per month?

I understand that the price of oil varies, but we’ve only used natural gas in the homes that I’ve lived in, and now we are moving to a house that has an energy efficient oil furnace (installed Nov. 2008.) I don’t know anything about oil furnaces. The new house is about 1800 square feet. We keep our thermostat at 64 degrees in the wintertime and live in NE Ohio. Our average gas bill for a cold winter is around $200 a month, but I suppose that also includes use of the oven and water heater. Can anyone help? I’m only looking for an estimate.

The price for gas will vary as will the price of oil. Within the last two years they have swapped places for the title of the cheapest. Generally, however gas will be cheaper for two reasons. Both have nothing to do with the cost of fuel. First the efficiency of gas furnaces can be higher than those of oil furnaces. An efficient gas furnace will be 95% efficient. An efficient oil furnace is not likely to be more than 70% efficient.

Secondly, while you can get a service contract for either unit the oil fired furnace is more likely to eventually need it. This is because there are more mechanical parts on an oil furnace. On a gas furnace the parts are primarily electrical.

It is customary to have the oil company that delivers your fuel oil on a contract basis also give you a service contract for the unit. However this is inherently a conflict of interest. A boiler running efficiently will burn less fuel and provide less of an income on the fuel end of the contract. I know of one instance where the company actually installed an over-sized nozzle in an oil boiler and not only caused higher bills but eventually the failure of the boiler through a burn out.

So just be very careful who services the boiler let it be the same people if you trust them.

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