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northern gas heating

northern gas heating
Keep Jack Frost Outside by Weatherproofing Your Windows
The arctic cold is creeping in again in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’re all cranking up the heat. As nice as your heater is, you’re wasting a good bit of energy — and money — if your windows aren’t properly weatherproofed. But with a few inexpensive fixes, you can stop the chill from coming indoors and sending your heating bill through the roof.
When is Bush finally going to admit the world economy is slowing down in to a rescession?

he has avoided using the word recession but evidence tells us that the world economies is slowing down especially in the mortgage sector. In the UK the Northern Rock had to get an emergency loan from the bank of England and the government I believe Northern Rock has now been nationalised. Now in the States Bear Stearn was bought over for a fraction of what it was worth. Can’t Mr. Bush see now that the US economy and the UK economy and other economies around is slowing down into what the UK comentators are calling a credit crunch we are now all feeling the pinch food prices going up heating prices going up gas prices going up making it more expensive to run our cars. Will Mr. Bush now admit the economy is slowing down into a recession?

Never, he did not even know how high gas prices have risen! He lives in the wonderful state, that I actually visit often, Denial!

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