Natural Gas Vs Oil Heat

natural gas vs oil heat

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How to calculate natural gas vs oil heating costs?

If our 1600 sq ft home used 368 gallons of #2 fuel oil last year, with a furnace at 70% efficiency, at a price of $919, then how much would it cost to heat this year with a 95% efficient Natural Gas Furnace at a price of $1.05 per therm?

There is about 139,000 BTUs per gallon of fuel oil. So you burned 368 x 139,000 = 51,512,000 BTUs of heat using fuel oil.

Natural gas has 1026 BTUs per cu foot. With a 95% efficiency, you’ll get about 974 BTUs per cu ft. So, presuming you want ot maintain the same comfort level, divide 51,512,000 by 974 and you get 52,849 cu ft of natural gas needed for the heating season. Converting 51,512,000 BTUs to therms = 514.7. At 1.05/therm you pay about $540.

The 52,849 number is in case you get billed by the cubic foot of gas used, not by the therms.

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