Natural Gas Vs Heat Pump

natural gas vs heat pump

natural gas vs heat pump
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Do I have a heat pump or furnace?

Hi guys, just moved in to a new leased home. I have no idea if we have a heat pump or furnace, I just turned on the heat for the first time today.

We have a natural gas water heater, and I think I heard that during the winter, the gas company saw heavy usage vs other months. I don’t here the water heater working though….

How Can I find out, what I have? Thanks.

Open the breaker box and see if any of the breakers are labeled as a heat pump. If it is labeled as A/C then flip if off. Now go inside and see if the heat works.

Also look for a breaker in the box labeled as a furnace or heat.

Otherwise set your thermostat to 90F and then look at the gas meter. If you can hear a lot of gas moving through it and see the gages moving you can bet on having gas heat. Also make sure the water heater is not running when you look at the meter.

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