Natural Gas Heating

natural gas heating

natural gas heating
Gas Prices hit 26-month high
Gas prices are the highest they’ve been in two years, which isn’t the holiday surpise consumers have been waiting for. Gas prices may even hit a national average of $3 a gallon by January. Although supplies remain plentiful and gasoline demand has diminished since September, retail gas prices are rising because oil prices are at the highest levels since October 2008.
Average per month cost heating with natural gas?

I am trying to figure out what the cost is going to be per month to heat an 800 square foot mobile home. It is set up on natural gas. Wondering if anyone could give me some kind of ball park figure? Home is located in central Ohio if they would help narrow anything down.

I’m on budget payment here in Connecticut, paying the same amount each month for a two story 1200 sf home and I pay around $70 a month summer and winter. That includes hot water, too. I also don’t pay to have my furnace serviced each winter,like the owners of oil furnaces have to, which can cost around $200 (gas just requires a good dusting and clean filters). So, in Ohio, I would assume you would pay around $80 tops in the winter and maybe $30 for hot water in the summer.

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