Natural Gas Heating Value

natural gas heating value

natural gas heating value
Commissioners discuss selling surplus property
The North Platte Telegraph A public hearing has been set for Nov. 29 at 9:30 a.m. to discuss the possible sale of a 20-foot piece of Lincoln County property. The land is adjacent to the Stop Inn.
What kind of additional insulation should I install in my attic floor and basement ceiling? I live in Pa. ?

The attic has insulation at the floor joists. It is the kind with the plastic all around it. I want to put more on top.

The basement is unconditioned, with a modern Natural Gas Furnace in it. The only heat in the basement is any heat loss from this furnace which is minor.

Please give information on R-Values and Vapor Barriers. Where do you usually get your best deals on it?

First remove the plastic form the top of the insulation in the attic. I would use blown cellulose loose fill in the atticR-19 There a few ways to insulate the basement,
1.R-19 fiberglass batts between the floor joist. Be sure to block the joist ends.
2. spray foam.
3. stretch fiberglass fabric across the bottom of the floor joist and blow loose fill cellulose into the cavity.
4. attach 2″ foam board to the basement walls.
Call an insulation company, most often they can do the installation for about the same price as it would to buy the materials and install it yourself.

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