Natural Gas Heating Stoves

natural gas heating stoves

natural gas heating stoves
Stove scrap-it program offered
A new Metro Vancouver program is encouraging community members to scrap their old wood stoves by offering cash incentives. According to a written statement, eligible residents can get a $250 rebate when they trade in an old wood stove for a new low-emission stove.
How can I find out the BTU ratings on an antique kitchen gas stove?

It is a BARSTOW stove made in Providence,RI around 1920. It has 4 surface burners and 2 small ovens on top one of which is also a broiler. There is a wood box on the left that was the heat source for the larger lower oven. I would like to get it back in service using natural gas.

Most top burners on natural gas operated between 9,000 and 12,000 BTU. To set your jet size you will need to know the pressure or install a regulator.

Your ovens probably operated about 16,000 to 18,000.

If it was my stove and I was going to use it to cook I would set one burner for 10,000 BTU and three for 8,500 BTU

I would set the ovens for 16,000 but make sure there is a thermostat of some kind. If not set them about 12,000

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