Natural Gas Heat

natural gas heat

natural gas heat
State moves to regulate greenhouse gases
Starting next year, greenhouse gases will begin to be regulated in Wisconsin and other states for the first time. The regulations will affect future projects involving utilities, paper companies and other large industrial plants that are expanding and producing new sources of heat-trapping gases.
Does a natural gas boiler need to be cleaned before I turn on my heat for the first time after the summer?

My family and I are tenants in a two-family home. We control the thermostat, and I wanted to know if our natural gas boiler needs to be cleaned before I can turn on the heat on for the first time aftrer te summer?

an oil burner should be serviced annually. gas boiler really do not produce the soot & ash and do not need frequent service. some circulator pumps on them could be given a couple drops of lubricating oil.when burning gas, be sure you have a carbon monoxide detector that works, as a chimney blockage would pose a potentially life threatening hazard.

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