Natural Gas Heat Pump

natural gas heat pump

natural gas heat pump
Capstone Receives Three Megawatt Order From Large Independent Oil & Gas Company in Eagle Ford Shale Play
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Capstone Turbine Corporation , the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has received an order for three C1000 Power Packages for a large independent oil-and-gas exploration and production company in the Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas.
I’m about to purchase a house with a furnace, and it uses natural gas. I’ve got some questions!?

I have only lived in homes with plain old electricity and a heat pump. So I don’t know anything about natural gas or furnaces.

Are there any dangers associated with furnaces and natural gas?

Which one is better for the environment?

Which one is cheaper?

Is there anything else I should know about furnaces or natural gas?
Geez, guys, this is starting to sound complicated. I’m starting to get worried : / Thanks for all of your answers though

Fireguy has a really good, correct answer for you. I and my wife have lived in a home for 50 years that has had two gas-fired central heating furnaces, and we never had any problems with either of them. We live in SW Louisiana where natural gas is plentiful and USED to be much cheaper on our utility bills than electricity. We didn’t have central Air Conditioning, though, but our home was constructed to eventually accommodate the addition of central A/C. When we bought the new installation, we still stayed with the natural gas for the new furnace (having an electric driven blower). with the cooling coil package mounted on top and electrical outdoor compressor/fan-cooled heat exchanger unit.

Now-a-days, though, the cost of natural gas has climbed to the point that it is almost as costly as electricity for heating a home. Still, where we are located anyway, I feel that natural gas is more DEPENDABLE than electricity. We’ve always had gas-fired hot water heaters in our home, also. I never had any problems with the first one until it started getting loaded with waterside deposits and began developing leaks around threaded galvanized piping. The second one, which we still have, has a weird ‘for no apparent reason’ irregular pattern of loosing the pilot light for the main burner. Of course this causes an automatic ‘tripping closed’ on the main gas supply valve; with a required resetting the valve and re-lighting the pilot light — BY HAND. This means getting down on one’s knees to as close to the floor as possible and with a lit long fireplace match or a hand-held, long snout propane lighter (MUCH preferred); reaching into the burner pilot lite tube while holding down on a button on top of the cutoff valve, set to ‘start’ position,; igniting the pilot and CONTINUING to hold down on the ‘start’ button while the fire sensing bulb heats up to a proper temperature (which usually takes more time than the average thrmb or finger can endure); and then, if you’re EXTREMELY lucky, you can release the !#*@ ‘start’ button and turn main valve back on.

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